A Bathroom Vanity with Two Sink Bowls, Two Mirrors, a Marble Countertop, and Black Drawers and Cabinets

The Importance of Bathroom Vanities in Remodeling

Homeowners often skip the vanity during a home interior remodel with MLL Custom. This might be because custom vanities can set you back by $10,000, adding more to your bathroom remodel budget, which must be at least five percent of your home value, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). While your reasons for bypassing the vanity might be sound now, they won’t seem good enough further down the line.

Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore your bathroom vanities during a home remodel.

Bathroom Vanities are Hard to Ignore

Even the smallest bathroom vanities tend to stand out; it’s your job to make sure they stand out positively rather than negatively. You can’t remodel a bathroom without changing or updating the vanity because the old wouldn’t blend as well with the new.

For instance, you may select chrome fixtures for your bathroom even though your vanity has a gold tap. Even if it’s chrome, it would be too old to be the same color as the new hardware. In other words, you must upgrade your bathroom vanity for consistency’s sake.

A Double Bathroom Vanity with a Marble Countertop and Wooden Custom Cabinets and Drawers

Bathroom Vanities Have Personality

Bathroom vanities are like interior design. They have themes that you could consider modern, traditional, and contemporary. Since it’s the design you’ll be upgrading during your home remodel, it’s only fair to ensure it matches your bathroom vanity.

Unless you’re intentionally going for a rustic-chic vibe, you’ll have to give your vanities an update, so it matches with your new home décor. For instance, if you’re contemporizing your home interior, it’s only fair that you replace or old furniture vanity so that it fits the broader picture.

Bathroom Vanities Go Beyond Style

While style is an integral part of bathroom vanities, it’s not the total sum of their parts. Vanities have an aesthetic and functional aspect, meaning you must update them according to changing needs.

For instance, a family of five might want to upgrade to a double vanity if the last time they installed one was when there were three. Thus, you shouldn’t just install the first vanity that catches your eye but must consider the needs and requirements of your unit.

Closeup of a Navy-Blue Bathroom Vanity with a White Counter, Matching Sink Bowls, and Gold Fixtures

Bathroom Vanities are the Answer to Your Clutter

The most obvious reason you need to install a replacement or brand-new bathroom vanity is storage space or lack thereof. If you currently have an attached sink and not much else, your toiletries must be all over the place.

The modern bathroom is clean and uncluttered. You can follow in that vein by installing a vanity, which could double as a storage space for your toiletries. This would result in a barer bathroom, making it look trendy and easy to clean.

If you’re worried about the vanity taking too much space, mount it above ground to create an illusion of space. Take it from us: a vanity would take the clutter off your hands and make bathroom maintenance look like child’s play.

Order Custom Bathroom Vanities in Glendale

Through our interior design services, you can now order one-of-a-kind bathroom vanities in Glendale. Touch base with us about your needs and requirements; let us know what kind of custom cabinets you want under the counter, how many sink bowls you want, and share your vision with us for unique bathroom vanities.

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