Bellissa Corners

Bellissa is the undisputed queen of the interior, perfect for those who are not afraid of bold design and distinctive details. Does that match you? Look at these characteristic creases – they give a glamorous look in combination with velour material and decorated, high legs. Soft, spacious seat cushions filled with a special silicone compound and loose back cushions are a promise of rest and relaxation. It is, in a word, so unique that cannot be left unnoticed. Going to take it home?

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Bellissa isn’t for everyone. The queen of home interior is only for those who love a little boldness and character in their home. If you’re not afraid of distinct details and a glamorous look, this is the sofa for you. So relaxing, you won’t ever want to leave the soft, spacious seats. The high, decorated legs only add more charm to Bellissa’s grandeur. The cushions are filled with a special silicone compound, and we promise immense comfort with the loose back cushions. In short, this sofa will never go unnoticed by anyone. They would feel like they were sitting on a cloud. You definitely have to take this one home!

Technical data

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Deluxe 24 Vino
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Deluxe 24 Vino

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