Soprano Collection


Looking for sofas that are visually light and modern, but don’t want to compromise on your comfort? Soprano is a great choice. The tall metal feet and streamlined shape are in keeping with the latest trends, but the biggest advantage of this model is its softness, thanks to the combination of two types of high-elastic foams with silicone down and a wave-spring design. In addition to exceptional comfort, we guarantee your satisfaction of use – even after a long period of use, the sofas will return to their original shape, and allergy sufferers do not have to worry about the conditions that occur often when the filling is made from natural feathers. Choose from a wide range of fabrics and sizes of sofas and enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation in your home.





If you’re searching for modern, visually light sofas that are also comfortable, look no further! Our Soprano Collection is the perfect choice for you. These sofas offer immense comfort but are extremely trendy. With tall metal feet and a streamlined shape, you won’t find a trendier sofa collection. These sofas look elegant and sleek, but their biggest quality is their softness. MLL Custom has designed these sofas using two types of high-elastic foams—silicone down and a wave-spring. These sofas offer exceptional comfort, and even after you’ve been using them continuously, they will retain their original shape. You won’t have to worry about your allergies as these sofas don’t have natural feathers. You can choose the fabric and size of your sofa—order today for moments of relaxation.


Technical data

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